Terms of Use

1. Gerb-Art digital images/tubes may NOT be printed in any way, shape or form. They are for online/digital use only!

2. Tubes may not be sold or bartered or used for profit or commercial use in any way. Furthermore, no tube may be displayed on any website or community that offers private or commercial services to the public.

3. Downloaded images/tubes are all sized 400x500 pixels(exception: 3-packs are 400x800 px), in a Paint Shop Pro/Adobe Photoshop compatible .psd format. All Gerb-Art images/tubes will not exceed 500 pixels in length and may not be upsized to have a larger tube.

4. All creations (tags, banners, stationary, avatars, etc) using Gerb-Art images/tubes must have the copyright symbol, full name of the artist and website adress plus your license number clearly visible (all creations must have a name or initial, otherwise, they are considered blank and blanks are not allowed). You may not place a copyright symbol with your name on or around the image as it is considered a derivative work. You can, however use phrases such as "tag by, creation by, etc" as your tagging mark. Please credit your creations like this:


**No URLS are allowed on tags that do not belong to either the Artist or Background owner.**

5. You may use only the Gerb-Art images/tubes you have purchased. Purchasing an image and acquiring a license does not give you unlimited access to any image except the one you've purchased directly.

6. Gerb-Art images/tubes may NOT be "file-shared". Distributing tubes individually or through "file-sharing" is strictly prohibited. This includes distribution through any electronic or digital means: sending through sharing groups, uploading to personal websites with downloadable access, or via personal email from one person to another. Tags may be created for offer as long as they are not blank and the appropriate copyright credits and license are on each tag. Blank tags and "stats" are also prohibited. A shared tag or stat must have text on it to some degree, making it "designed", therefore, not blank.

7. The integrity of Gerb-Art images/tubes must remain intact in all creations. Certain elements of the Tubes, such as clothing and jewelry, may be sparkled or glittered. Borders, lettering, names, etc. may be added and animated, to enhance the main image.

a) ANIMATION: animation is allowed. You may add sparkles, stars or other animated objects, Gerb-Art even allows its clients to experiment with animation on the images. Be creative!

b) COLORING: You may convert the image to grayscale or colorize an image all one color to match the tag (all one color means: sepia, monotone, black and white, etc.).

c) You may NOT switch heads on images.

d) IMPORTANT! Line-art images: If you have purchased Gerb-Art 'line-art' images, you are allowed to colorize the image any which way you want. Take those brushes and be creative! You MUST always credit your creations like this:


8. You are allowed to mix Gerb-Art images with other artists, as long as the Gerb-Art image contains the copyright/license information.

9. ADDING ELEMENTS: You may place small elements to cover prohibited parts of rated R images (example: star, bar, tex, circle, etc). You may not add pieces of clothing, wings, halos, etc. to the original art.

10. Stock photography may be used in any signature tags/stats/banners created with any Gerb-Art image/tube. When combining art with stock photographs, you must display copyright information like this:

Image by "Artist Name" and/or website (if applicable according to the rating of the group)

Photograph by "Photographer Name" and/or website and Gerb-Art license number.

Usage of your own photography in the tags is permitted. When combining artists and your own photography, you must display copyright information like stated above. When using digital scrapbooking kits, no copyright symbol may be used in conjunction with any Artist copyright information.

11. You may create tutorials using Gerb-Art images/tubes. You may not offer your licensed tube for download for any tutorial written and shared.

12. Websets, calendars and desktop backgrounds are allowed. Appropriate copyright information, including your license number, must be given in the credits.

14. Facebook Timeline Covers: Facebook have recently changed there terms of use regarding the usage of url's on everyone's timeline covers, so we have adjusted our terms of use to coincide with this change. If you decide to create a timeline cover you no longer have to place the store or artists url here is all you need to have ©Gerb-Art/GA#####

15. Gerb-Art will not honor any refunds for digital graphic purchases.

16. Gerb-Art reserves the right to amend, change or update the Terms of Use at any given time if deemed necessary.

17. Gerb-Art has the right, in its sole discretion, to prosecute lawsuits against third-party individuals or organizations for infringement of Gerb-Art Terms of Use.

Thank you for visiting the Gerb-Art webshop and happy shopping! :-)

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